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Vienna’s most beautiful courtyard

IMG_5216_vierter Innenhof_Innenhoflabyrinth Blutgasse

Strolling around in the inner city of Vienna  you can discover lots of beautiful hidden gems.

All the beautiful narrow streets, small backyards and picturesque courtyards are dating back to a time when coaches where the only vehicles on the cobblestone pavements of Vienna. But if you want to find the probably most beautiful courtyard you’d have to look for Blutgasse (first mentioned around 1368!). The area around Blutgasse is one of the oldest and most impressive areas in the first district. Enter this – of course – narrow street from Singerstraße. Right at the beginning you’ll find a small entrance on your right that leads inside a gloomy backyard. Step in and enter this very special labyrinth of actually four courtyards that are connected with each other. Summertime is probably the best time to go on this tour because everything is in full bloom then.

IMG_5176_Eingang Blutgasse zu InnenhoflabyrinthThe entrance in Blutgasse – a really small and narrow backyard which leads you all the way to Vienna’s most beautiful courtyard.

You enter the first courtyard through a tiny opening in the wall. When you step out, the yard in front of you will enchant you with its generosity, its stunning old maple tree and the charming cobblestone pavement. Take your time to enjoy this inspiring atmosphere. Not joking: I really had this WOOOOW moment when entering for the first time.

IMG_5191_erster Innenhof_Innenhoflabyrinth Blutgasse IMG_5188_erster Innenhof_Innenhoflabyrinth Blutgasse


The passage to the second courtyard leads you through a wonderful minimalistic wrought-iron door with grafic structures. Right in front of you is a wall covered with ivy allover. This second yard is a little bit smaller, maybe not the brightest of the four but also very charming.


IMG_5199_zweiter Innenhof_Innenhoflabyrinth Blutgasse


To your right are some steps leading on a street called Grünangergasse – this is where you’ll finally leave this magic place.But for now turn left, up the stairs and into the third courtyard. Probably the most beautiful of them all. Wrought-iron balconies, all kind of lush greens hanging down from them, giving the whole setting some kind of surreal touch.


IMG_5217_vierter Innenhof_Innenhoflabyrinth Blutgasse IMG_5220_vierter Innenhof_Innenhoflabyrinth Blutgasse IMG_5216_vierter Innenhof_Innenhoflabyrinth Blutgasse IMG_5211_vierter Innenhof_Innenhoflabyrinth Blutgasse

Get back in the second courtyard and turn right and enter the passage into the fourth yard. I think the wall that’s completely covered up with ivy and the old tree in front are really lovely. It’s not that you can find some antique artefacts or expensive statues in these hidden courtyards, it simply is this magical atmosphere here that makes a side trip truly worth it.

Ups, well, there is one thing I forgot – in the third courtyard you’ll find Vienna’s museum of peace. Yeeeeaaahhh, right!  „Come in and say hello! Ring the bell!“ it says on the door – not hard to find because of all the peace signs surrounding it. I’ve never been inside. So maybe this eccentric place is the real secret of it all. ;-))

Did you like this little tour „behind the scenes“?

Do you know other beautiful courtyards in Vienna?

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