Hello there! We are Barbara and Simone. Thirty-somethings. Born and raised in Vienna, of course. And we are madly, deeply, truly in love with our hometown Emoji Now we want to share our love for this city with you, people! 1

No matter if you’re on vacation, if you’re an expat or simply living here like us. Welcome to Vienna in a nutshell! Our little universe where we keep all things that make Vienna the city of our dreams. Think of this wonderful nutshell as your own playground. We collect all kind of unique, beautiful, exciting, useful, crazy and lovable stuff about Vienna – and now you can choose.  Explore the city and check out our favourite spots. Share our little daily adventures with us. And simply get inspired by Vienna in a nutshell.

2You don’t have to worry about characterless city guides anymore that tell you everything and nothing at the same time. And: We are always on…living in this city, knowing what’s going on and where the hottests new spots are.

We want to share our secrets about this city with you! Enjoy your time here and leave us a comment if there are any places  that we left unmentionend and which need to be shared… So long, or as we’d put it in Vienna:

Bussi & Baba








  • Reply Jonathan 09/25/2015 at 22:00

    Finally had a chance to peruse your nutshell, and I like what I see! Keep up the great work, ladies. Oh, and please flesh out your selection of ice cream parlours, the discerning public needs to hear about Schwedenplatz. Bortolotti and Tichy. Just sayin’…

    • Barbara
      Reply Barbara 09/26/2015 at 8:59

      Well thanks, Jonathan! We’ll probably focus on Glühwein rather than ice cream over the next months, but will make sure to bear your ice cream expertise in mind…

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