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Ballroom Madness


You have to know one thing – Austrians are crazy about ballroom dancing. Especially in Vienna. Ball gowns, tuxedos, waltzing? We’re in.Not only if you want to feel like Cinderella Viennese balls are a really nice invention. Well, of course, there’s famous opera ball. With a lot of rich and beautiful (?) people, a nutty builder (and his „special guests“ like Pamela Anderson or Kim Kardashian) and a lot of media hype.

It’s ball o’clock!

But that’s just the one side of balls, dancing and midnight magic. The loud and flashy side. The other one is about having fun with friends, dressing up and enjoying a tradition that brings young and old together. There are balls all year round but high season is during carnival time from November on until Mardi Gras, the day before Ash Wednesday. Usually the dresscode is strict: ball gowns for ladies, tuxedos for gentlemen. Some balls accept black suits for men. But let’s be honest: Men in tuxedos are hot. So, please guys, wear them on this special occasion!

Princess or Dirndl? Princess!

And then there are balls which want you to wear traditional dresses („Tracht“) and dirndl. Obviously the best known ball in Vienna to dress up like this is the Jägerball. Not really my cup of tea. I like the Cinderella ones better. Actually my favourite ball is Bonbon Ball – you can grab a lot of sweets, it’s located in the absolutely wonderful Wiener Konzerthaus and around midnight they elect the prettiest (?) girl Miss Bonbon. And when you’re tired of dancing and your feet hurt, you take off your shoes and step down the grand staircase and feel a little bit like Cinderella. Only make sure to not forget your dancing shoes on the stairs – unless you are looking for prince charming.

Check out a selection of famous Viennese balls here.


Picture © Peek & Cloppenburg

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