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Last minute Christmas shopping

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Christmas. Less then one week to go. If you’re still seeking presents for your loved ones, here they are. Our last minute Christmas shopping insiders‘ tips in Vienna!

Kauf Dich glücklich

A supercool and easy concept store. Mainly fashion (for women and men), in addition coffee-table books, jewelry and some other nice little things. The shop opened in 2014 and is located in Kirchengasse in one of the nicest neighbourhoods in Vienna where you can find a lot of other interesting stores. Good for a stroll.


Located close to Kauf Dich glücklich in Neubaugasse. Fashion store for women and men with a focus on scandinavian fashion brands like Designer’s Remix, By Malene Birger, Baum & Pferdgarten or Whyred. Cool store design, clean and chic. They also have shoes and accessories.

MQ Point

Actually the MQ Point is the museum’s shop of the Museumsquartier (located at the main entrance of the Museumsquartier). This little store, where you can also buy tickets for the various museums in Museumsquartier, sells funny little design things. And during Christmas time they have fancy Christmas decoration stuff.


Maybe the most beautiful flower shop in town. Located in the Börsegebäude (the old stock exchange) in what used to be an old market hall. During Xmas time they have lots and lots of beautiful decoration stuff, candles, Christmas tree decoration and – of course – the most beautiful flowers.

Feine Dinge

This store used to be a little store in Krongasse. A small street in the 5th district. Over time people discovered that this hidden treasure is something really special and offers even more special pretty things (the store name’s the game!). Soon they needed more space and finally moved to Margaretenstraße. You can find tableware, lamps, lanterns, vases, jewelry and all kind of lovely accessories at Feine Dinge. Perfect for last minute Christmas shopping!


If you’re looking for something really cute with high-quality for your kids or your friends‘ kids this colourful and very lovely Viennese label is a very good choice for last minute Xmas presents. Herzilein has three stores in Vienna. We really like the store in Amerlingstraße, near Mariahilfer Straße. You’ll find kids fashion there and a wide range of colourful fabric if you like to sew something on your own.

Herr und Frau Klein

Herr und Frau Klein (meaning Mr. and Mrs. Little) is a really nice and high-quality store for kids which is located in Kirchengasse. They sell everything kids like, need or love or all of it – fashion, furniture, toys, bikes, accessories etc. Be aware that it can get quite busy in the store in peak times. But it’s worth it.


We LOVE good food. Also and even more when it’s Christmas time. Why not give a yummy present to those you love? Because we all know: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. For great local and deli food you should go and visit the brand new store Marktwirtschaft in Siebensterngasse. You can shop all kind of goodies at indoor market stands and what’s best about it: You can also have breakfast, lunch, a snack or dinner at Marktwirtschaft’s restaurant Die Liebe.

Frau Fleissig

A Christmas stroll in Vienna is absolutely wonderful and a one-of-a-kind offline experience. Why I tell you this? Because I couldn’t help doing it. I just have to give you at least one online Xmas shopping tip. Frau Fleissig is a one-woman-show. A mother of three, based in Lower Austria, creates handmade ready-to-bake mixtures in bottles and sells them online. Wanna try Vanillekipferl (a crescent shaped Vienna cookie classic, most likely comparable with sand tarts)? Or Christmasy gingerbread? Or Kaiserschmarrn (another sweet Vienna classic that consists of cut-up and sugared pancakes with raisins)?


Picture: © Tereza Mundilova/Kauf Dich Glücklich, Wien

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