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There is always room for ice cream


The end of summer is near and I know certain people who will have separation issues with certain establishments you can´t help but run into every 5 minutes: ice cream parlours.

Seriously, a certain someone within my closest circle has had a love affair with ice cream this past summer. Ice cream for dinner, ice cream for lunch, and – yes – even for breakfast. I do have to cut him some slack though because – in all fairness – you basically cannot evade ice cream parlours in Vienna. We do seem to have a general obsession with all things Italian and with all things sweet and fat. So ice cream might just be the logical consequence to the Viennese love of unhealthy food.

And, in fact, the choices for ice cream lovers around here are immense. Let´s take my neighbourhood, for example. I have 4 dedicated ice cream places within 5 minutes walking distance. There is basically no way to evade them. Organic Austrian ice cream, classic Italian gelato, vegan ice cream, frozen yogurt, you name it – if you want it, you can get it. The quality of the sweet delights is generally very high, but of course – being a steady accomplice to the ice cream addict – I have found my favourite ice cream places around town.

And since love and ice cream are here to share, without further ado, may I present the ice cream parlours of my choice:

Ferrari Natural Gelato (map)

This is as good as it gets. Granted, it is a bit pricey in comparison to others, but the ice cream is oh-so-good you will never want to eat anything else. EVER. AGAIN. Plus: Ferrari offers really interesting flavours (plum, matcha, gianduia, …) and its owner seems to be a genuinely nice guy. I love this place.

Eissalon Tuchlauben (map)

You might say Eissalon Tuchlauben is the godmother of all Viennese ice cream parlours. It has already been an institution back in the days when I was a kid, and it still is without any doubt one of the best ice cream places in Vienna with that certain charm of the old days. My favourite flavour: walnut (because it really feels like biting/licking on a real walnut). By the way, also the above mentioned ice cream addict´s trusted vendor.

Eisgreissler (map)

A couple of years ago Eisgreissler opened its doors in Vienna´s first district and people were literally flooding their gates. On hot days you could see people queueing up like crazy because everyone wanted to grab a bit of the hot new organic ice cream place in town. These days the hype has slightly ebbed away which is actually a good thing because I can finally eat my favourite poppy seeds ice cream again.


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