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High heel hell


My personal hell? Walking around in high heels all day. Can it get even worse? It can.

Walking around in high heels all day on cobblestone. Hell has a second home in Vienna’s old town, i guess. Lots and lots of cobblestone. Does that mean that the city center of my beloved hometown is my personal inferno? Of course not. I just prefer to wear flats. That’s it.

But once you decide to dress yourself up because it’s girls night out or your better half has invited you to dinner or whatever it is that you want to face all sexy in heels…there’s no way back. You have to go through hell! Or at least I have to go through it.


 There is this special kind of being that has this unbelievable ability to walk in high heels in EVERY situation, on EVERY road surface. I forgot the name of this species. But it exists. And sometimes that frustrates me. Walking around easily in heels that are up to 15 cm high and not breaking your ankle seems to be in their genes. My genes speak a different language. They say: „Are you out of your mind! Thinking you can walk in high heels on cobblestone pavement and not fall over!“ Hhhhmmm…whatever. I found a solution. Exactly put: three solutions!

  1. If you want to impress your honeybunny in high heels, make sure he picks you up at your home. By car. So the way for you is the shortest possible. (Note: He thinks your gorgeous anyway. So don’t worry about the few metres you have to walk. And get in the car like a real Hollywood diva.)
  2. Make sure that there’s always somebody at your side when you walk in high heels on cobblestone. And make sure that he or she is close by, so you can grab his or her arm to stabilize yourself when your walk gets shaky.
  3. If nothing else works out. No honeybunny, no car, no saving arm in sight. It’s time for a glass of champagne. Yeah, right! I know alcohol is no solution – and of course it’s not! But in this very special case one glass of champagne really helps. It pushes you and your feet to the limit and gets you to where you need to go.

(Note: Don’t take these suggestions too seriously. Well, you should take No. 1 and No. 2 serious, but maybe not No. 3. Especially because there’s one simple thing you can always do: take off your heels! Particularly on cobblestone streets.)


Heaven or hell? What are your experiences in high heels on cobblestone?

Let us know…

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